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We are awakening. Our hearts are opening. The veil is lifting. Globally, things are shifting and we are amidst a mass expansion of consciousness – Gaia is ascending we are welcoming the age of the heart
As a collective we are witnessing the dissolving of an old and outdated paradigm. We are remembering the truth of our beingness and reclaiming our sovereignty. We are uniting and in doing so, igniting a 5D heart based, global commUNITY where we are inspired to align with equality, freedom, liberation and the highest and greatest good of all.
We are recognizing our oneness and activating a new paradigm where where love leads the way.
My name is Kate, and I am an Aussie born musician & free spirit walking the path of love with the intent to bridge worlds & heal the Gaia heart grid.
I was born a seer, innately clairvoyant with the ability to deeply perceive beyond the veil. Being highly empathic by nature & growing up in a society that couldn’t even begin to properly comprehend what I was tuning into, i spent most of my adolescence in duality with my gifts.
Over the past 10 years I have been gradually awakening & remembering my true nature and finally after a series of deeply transformative, alchemical events and throwing myself with full faith into the fire, I experienced a total rebirth and profound awakening. My gifts re-activated, my heart completely opened and I aligned – with high unconditional love.
Since my awakening I have become a yoga teacher, reiki II & pranic energy healer, divine feminine embodiment guide, intuitive grid worker and activator. I spent the majority of last year in full service mode, working at a healing centre on a tiny tropical island sitting on of a bed of rose quartz & tourmaline focusing my energies towards healing the inner child and strengthening the mind + heart channel of the collective.
My mission is to awaken the hearts and minds of as many as I can to direct them back towards the inner teacher.
My intent is to inspire others towards rising to their higher nature and to awaken them to the healing power of love.
Walking the path of the heart means waking up each and every day to serve others. It means full devotion to the higher, full trust, surrender and faith in that unseen force that weaves us all together. Walking the path of the heart has taught me to listen, speak, feel, breathe and respond in alignment with the highest and greatest good. It has taught me about myself, and shown me the way to best serve others. Walking the path of the heart means weaving love throughout this whole experience with each and every step, breath, interaction with other – it means focusing this energy up and out and beyond, it means living to fill the whole world with this love, to grow roots with it and fill the space between the leaves. Walking this path teaches me each and every day that love is the cohesive force of the universe, and this love will heal the world.